The Dodge Pond Acoustic Measurement Facility has an extensive assortment of high capacity, precision mounting equipment. The fixed test shaft has two 4,530-kg (5-ton) capacity dual concentric test shafts (a shaft-within-a-shaft arrangement) that allow independent or joint rotation of a test unit (i.e., a transducer within a dome). Shaft accuracy is controlled to an accuracy of 0.002 radius (0.1 degree) using either manual or computer control.

Both the fixed test shaft and the moveable test shaft have a special quick-change (QC) flange for attaching the unit to be tested. This QC flange is equipped with four swing bolts that fit in the slots of the mating flange attached to the test unit. Each user of the facility is encouraged to provide the mating flange with the test unit. However, if a QC mating flange is not available, a mounting can be fabricated on site for small test units.

Click here for a diagram of mounting flanges.

At the Dodge Pond Acoustic Measurement Facility, our special quick-change (QC) capabilities mean that your testing can proceed unhindered by significant rigging delays. We can make up or change test unit attachments in minutes rather than hours and continue testing in different configurations or unit placements without delay.