Pressure Vessel

Located within the test platform at the Dodge Pond Acoustic Vessel Measurement Facility, a submersible fiberglass filament-wound pressure vessel is available to perform tests under simulated deep-ocean conditions. Transducers up to 0.74m (29 inches) in diameter and 1.52m (60 inches) long can be mounted in the water-filled vessel, which is then submerged to test depth (depths can be simulated to 6894.8mpascals (1,000 psi) maximum pressure). Acoustic measurements can be made through the walls of the tank using external projectors and hydrophones. The water temperature in the tank can also be varied between 3 and 35 degrees Celsius (37.4 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit).

Acoustic Performance Monitor (APM)

Located in one of the buildings at the shore site of the Dodge Pond Acoustic Measurement Facility, the Acoustic Performance Monitor (APM) is a near-field towed line array measurement system that operates over a wide frequency range. This system is used to measure the array channel (hydrophone group) free-field voltage sensitivity for acoustic modules. The system is comprised of a computer-controlled test console, an acoustic measurement assembly, a water-filled tank and support structure, and the required software to conduct and analyze the automated calibrations. Full testing of all towed array systems has been accomplished on a routine basis.

Platform Extension and External Target Float

Test distance can be extended 20m (65.6 feet) outside of the platform using an extension that projects off the rear door and external rigging. Tests to a distance of 100m (328 feet) can be achieved by using a moveable float or "mini-dock" that is in the water behind the platform. Advance notification of this requirement will facilitate the required external rigging by the Dodge Pond Acoustic Measurement Facility staff.

Heavy Lift Capability

The facility can accommodate loads to 13,590kg (15 ton) and test units weighing up to 4,530kg (5 ton). There is a complete staff of trained rigging personnel and a full complement of heavy lift equipment.