Main Well: 13m (42.5 feet) long by 3.1m (10 feet) wide (with a platform extension to 20m (65.5 feet) long outdoors)

Auxiliary Wells: Three wells, each 1.8m (6 feet) by 1.8m (6 feet)

External Target Float: 2.7m (8 feet) by 2.7m (8 feet) float at a range of 100m (328 feet) from fixed shaft

Test Depth (Typical): 8.5m (28 feet)

Hoisting: Seven hoists - five  1,812kg (2 ton); one 2,718kg (3 ton); one 4,530kg (5 ton)

Shafting: Two shafts - one 4,530kg (5 ton) fixed; one 906kg (1 ton) moveable

Staging Area: 65 square meters (700  square feet)

Measurements Room: 11.6m (38 feet) by 3.7m (12 feet)

Meeting/Dining Area: 6.1m (20 feet) by 3.7m (12 feet)

Shore Facilities: Shore facilities include buildings for administrative and engineering offices, maintenance and machine shops, and storage space

Shipping/Receiving: Load and off-load customer test equipment directly to/from commercial carriers utilizing 2,718kg (3-ton) forklift