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 Surface Warfare Engineering Facility

NSWC PHD has long been involved in the testing of new and upgraded combat systems for the Navy’s surface fleet. Providing this service requires an ocean-front facility equipped with technical experts and technologically advanced equipment that can simulate the operation of combat systems.

The Surface Warfare Engineering Facility is an important asset for the Navy because it is one of the few places in the world where the Navy can evaluate the performance of its ships’ combat systems in a controlled environment, and without impact to ships and Sailors at sea.

The land-based test site houses equipment that can simulate the operation of weapons systems, making it possible for engineers to troubleshoot problems and ensure the systems work safely and effectively.

Daily Operations

On a day-to-day basis, SWEF personnel investigate, verify, and resolve fleet reported problems related to combat systems, fire control radar systems, and missile launching systems. Equipment is also tested prior to its use in the fleet, ensuring combat readiness.

Engineers and technicians at the facility train personnel to operate and maintain these systems, and develop engineering changes to improve system reliability, maintainability, safety, and effectiveness.

$13 Million in Annual Savings

Since the SWEF is capable of simulating tests and operations, there is no need to use ships at sea or personnel to run the ships. Using the SWEF’s computer generated simulation saves taxpayers an estimated $13 million annually.

Supporting Fleet Sailors

The facility provides support to our military’s shipboard combat systems, which are crucial to defend our country and other international interests. Sailors depend on our work at the SWEF to provide them with weapons that are operational and reliable. Our engineers ensure the systems are ready for use when Sailors need them.