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Program Summary

As NAVSEA’s Director for Surface Ship Maintenance and Modernization, SEA 21 is the dedicated life cycle management organization for the Navy's in-service surface ships and is responsible for managing critical modernization, maintenance, training and inactivation programs. SEA 21 provides wholeness to the Fleet by serving as the primary technical interface, ensuring surface ships are modernized with the latest technologies and remain mission relevant throughout each ship's service life. The organization also maintains inactive ships for future disposal, donation, or transfer, to include follow-on technical support to our partner navies.

SEA 21 integrates maintenance strategies, modernization plans, training needs, and technical, logistics, and programmatic efforts to best manage the lifecycle of U.S. and partner Navy surface ships and systems from fleet introduction through transfer or disposal.

SEA 21 is the U.S. Navy's leader in delivering critical Fleet support to ensure surface ships meet all current and future mission requirements.

SEA 21 is comprised of seven program offices and directorates as well as the Surface Ship Maintenance Engineering Planning and Procurement Activity (SURFMEPP):

PMS 443 – Surface Ship Readiness and Sustainment

PMS 407 – Surface Ship Modernization

PMS 339 – Surface Training Systems

PMS 326 – International Fleet Support

SEA 21D – Contract Management

SEA 21I – Inactive Ships

SEA 21P – Chief Financial Officer

Surface Maintenance Engineering Planning Program (SURFMEPP)

Updated Mar 2020