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Charter: Sea Working Group (SWG)

The USSMG has established the U.S. Sea Working Group (SWG) to understand S1000D™ with respect to US Sea related requirements.  The U.S. SWG will serve as the focal point for determining where U.S. Sea related Change Proposal Forms (CPFs) are needed and where adjustments to requirements can be made.  The SWG may initiate, develop, comment on, and complete CPFs, but these activities must be coordinated and worked with the USSIG.

The SWG receives its authority from the USSMG and is comprised of US Department of Defense (DoD) and industry members.  A DoD representative, approved by the USSMG, will serve as Chair of the SWG. 

Objectives and further tasking of the SWG include:

  • Responsibility for reporting Service activities related to S1000D™ and IETMs back to the USSMG.
  • Understand which existing programs are using S1000D™ and dialog with European and other counterparts who have experience with the specification to gain lessons learned.
  • Maintain current SWG information on a publicly available access restricted web site.