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The Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD), as part of its Strategic Business Plan, is seeking to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with industry and academia. We particularly want to work with entrepreneurial organizations that have dual-use visions.

Partnering may occur along numerous business lines related to our core competencies and relationships with the US Naval Fleet. NSWC PCD seeks partnerships that will create Win-Win-Win-Win scenarios:


  • NSWC PCD wins by serving its customer, expands its business, and expands its advocacy base
  • The Partner wins by developing or expanding a core competency and/or creating or improving a product which may allow it to grow and make profit
  • The Fleet wins by obtaining hardware and services to meet needs without the expense associated with long R&D funding cycles
  • The Tax Payer wins by getting more for its defense dollar

Parties interested in forming Mutually Beneficial Partnerships with NSWC PCD are invited to explore this web site to get an idea of our core capabilities and to look for areas of mutual business interest.

NSWC PCD's Small Business Office seeks to provide excellent customer service and is available to answer questions at (850) 890-7863.

For more information, contact: gerald.g.sorrell2.civ@us.navy.mil