Equipment Authorization
Cargo: A limit of 50 pounds of hand-carry luggage is authorized on the AUTEC aircraft per person.

Personal cameras and other audiovisual items are allowed for personal use in common areas at Site 1. Personal cameras are not allowed in restricted areas including the WPB facility. All other official equipment, including government owned cameras and video/recording devices, within the weight limit will be manifested at check-in.
Laptops: Can be hand-carried onto the aircraft or manifested as baggage within the 50-pound weight limit.
*AUTEC tagged laptops may be brought into the CCB, RSS, and WPB facilities without prior approval. However, all other laptops including other government laptops will require prior approval. Please contact your AUTEC sponsor and submit an Equipment Authorization Form for any non-government-owned and government-owned equipment or computers you will need to use within these AUTEC work areas.

For Newport Personnel - Only:
To access your homebase servers via laptop you must have Virtual Private Network (VPN) installed.