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Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Conversion and Repair

Delivering the Navy's Future Fleet

NAVSEA's four SUPSHIPs - Bath, Groton, Gulf Coast and Newport News - execute Navy shipbuilding contracts to ensure the highest quality ships are delivered to the fleet. They are co-located with major shipbuilders and are the Navy’s on-site technical, contractual and business authority. More than 1,400 military and civilian SUPSHIP professionals provide oversight of cost, schedule and quality for Navy new construction shipbuilding. SUPSHIPs administer shipbuilding contracts worth over $193B.

SUPSHIPs are responsible for administering the Navy’s new construction, nuclear repair and modernization contracts accomplished in the private sector:

  • Aircraft carriers
  • Nuclear submarines
  • Surface combatants
  • Amphibious ships
  • Auxiliary ships
  • Service craft
  • MSC ships
  • Special warfare craft
  • Other DoD ships/craft
  • US Coast Guard ships

SUPSHIP Services

  • Ship construction project oversight
  • ​Ship repair, maintenance and modernization project oversight
  • Contracting and contract administration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Resource management
  • Engineering and technical authority
  • Information technology management
  • Financial management


SUPSHIP Mission, Functions and Tasks (per NAVSEAINST 5450.36C)

To independently administer and manage the execution of DoD contracts awarded to assigned commercial entities at the contractors’ facilities in the shipbuilding and ship repair industry.

  • Serve as DoDs designated Contract Administration Office (CAO) responsible for performing Contract Administration Services (CAS) for all DoD contracts awarded to assigned contractors.
  • Enforce contract requirements, ensuring contractors and the government satisfy their contractual obligations.
  • Work with contractors and government activities to facilitate greater quality and economy in the products and services being procured.

Manage the complexities and unique demands of ship construction and nuclear repair projects by performing the following non-Contract Administration Service (CAS) functions for Navy Program Executives Offices (PEOs), the Fleet, and NAVSEA headquarters:

  • Project Oversight:  Coordinate response to non-contractual emergent problems; coordinate activities of Pre-Commissioning Crews, Ship’s Force, and other government activities; communicate with customers and higher authority regarding matters that may impact project execution.
  • Technical Authority; Execute the technical authority responsibilities of Waterfront Chief Engineer per NAVSEAINST 5400.95 series.  Serve as NAVSEA’s waterfront technical authority responsible for providing government direction and coordination in the resolution of technical issues.
  • Contract Planning and Procurement:  Participate in acquisition planning and pre-award activities including assessment of contractor qualifications.