Technology Partnerships Office
Mission: The NUWC Division Newport Technology Partnerships Office (TPO) facilitates access to the Division’s intellectual property, facilities, expertise and equipment by industry, academia and other government agencies. TPO utilizes authorized agreements to provide Division expertise, services, use of equipment and facilities as well as non-exclusive and exclusive rights to Division inventions. Agreement types include:
  • Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAS)(15 USC 3710a) for collaborative work of mutual benefit
  • Work for Private Party (WFPP) Agreements (10 USC 2539b and 10 USC 2563) for test and engineering services and access to Division facilities and equipment such as transducer standards
  • Patent License Agreements (35 USC 209) for commercialization of Division inventions; and,
  • Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs), Memoranda of Agreement (MOAs) and Inter-agency/Inter-service Support Agreements (ISAs) for collaboration with other US federal entities

Division Newport has entered into hundreds of CRADAs and WFPP agreements and has licensed more than 120 patents for commercial use. Parties interested in working with NUWC Division Newport may contact TPO at: or 401-832-8728.

Click here for a list of patents and links to more information on each.

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