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A number of laws and policies have been implemented to broaden the authority of defense activities to partner with private parties. These laws and policies offer opportunities for NSWC Philadelphia Division to reduce operating and ownership costs, enhance commercialization of dual-use technologies and increase private sector access to defense-unique capabilities. All NSWC Philadelphia Division work with private parties is authorized by the following Statutes:
  1. 10 U.S.C 2539b(a)(3) - Authority to make available services of any Government laboratory, center, range, or other testing facility for the testing of materials, equipment, models, computer software, and other items as delegated to the directors or commanders of the Warfare Center Division.

  2. 10 U.S.C. 2539b(a)(4) - Authority to make available to any person or entity, through leases, contracts, or other appropriate arrangements, facilities, services, and equipment of any government laboratory, research center, or range, if the facilities, services and equipment provided will not be in direct competition with the domestic private sector.

  3. 10 U.S.C. 2563 – authorizes the Secretary of Defense to sell articles and services that are manufactured or performed by any DOD working capital funded industrial facility of the armed forces to parties outside of the DOD. (Requires NSWC Philadelphia Division and NSWC Headquarters approval).

Getting Started

In a Work With Private Party Agreement, the prospective partner (the company) submits a work description and requests a proposal from the Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division Technical Point of Contact. (The WWPP Office is available for assistance in determining the applicable TPOC).

A series of technical discussions between NSWC Philadelphia Division and the customer should be conducted between technical personnel and the prospective partner to assure understanding of the technical scope, the requirements, the schedule, the role of the partners and the capability of the division to deliver.

Documentation/Signatures Required

NSWC Philadelphia Division provides a cost proposal and a Work With Private Party Agreement document essentially as outlined in the Sample Work With Private Party Agreement and Sample of Estimated Cost Proposal and forwards to the Private Party (customer).

All agreements shall be signed by a Corporate Official (Private Party), NSWC Philadelphia Division Technical Division Head and NSWC Philadelphia Division Agreement Official within the Acquisition Management Division.

A copy of the signed agreement will be distributed to the TPOC/PP by the WWPP Office.

No work shall commence until the agreement has been executed (final signature obtained by the Agreement Official) and the funds have been received by the NSWC Philadelphia Division Budget Office.

For additional information or any questions, contact the Work With Private Party Office: