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The Battle Lab Division conducts operational experiments, demonstrations and assessment of existing and emerging technology to feed capability gap assessment, buying decisions, and inform requirements development and technology implementation. Battle Lab consists of three mission areas that support various equipment investment decisions by performing user demonstrations/assessments and independent capabilities and limitations testing for a variety of customers.

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Demonstration and Assessment Team (DAT)
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  • Independent & objective assessment agents for DoD sponsors

  • Plan and execute Experimentation, Demonstrations and Assessments

  • Facilitate Operational Forces Integration and Engagement

  • Plan and provide Cybersecurity Test and Evaluation

 Explosive Detection Equipment logo

Explosive Detection Equipment (EDE)

  • Evaluation of systems to detect or identify explosives and threats

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EOD Technology Assessment (ETA)

  • Evaluation of emerging and available technology for EOD


About Us

We evaluate equipment based on current mission needs by using consistent technology scouting combined with the knowledge from our in house service members and scenario‐based user feedback events. This provides Battle Lab with the unique capability to stay abreast of Gaps, COTs systems, and developmental projects.

Each branch provides support for a different type of end user and mission, giving Battle Lab a diverse portfolio of equipment performance data.

Types of Battle Lab assessments include:

  • Capabilities and limitations evaluations
  • User feedback events
  • Cyber security test and evaluation

What We Provide

We utilize knowledge and expertise to facilitate end user engagement:

Leveraging years of experience from established mission areas like DAT and EDE, Battle Lab integrates end user feedback and technical assessments to provide a cycle of review and evaluation of systems and technology.

We offer a new way to connect with the end user community:

Each system that is evaluated by Battle Lab mission areas will have a unique techlook page dedicated to providing the user information and connect with technology solutions.

Connection is integral to the success of Battle Lab.

Our collaborative relationship with Vendors, Users, Academia, and S&T partners is what makes the Battle Lab Division at NSWC IHD a unique immersive experience for each valued member of the warfighter communities we serve.

Vendors, Academia, and S&T Sponsors are encouraged be part of the Battle Lab process. Please contact us to discuss potential (emerging and available) technology solutions and systems, find out more information on how to submit technology for user assessment events and capability and limitation testing, and collaborate with our mission areas.

To find out more information about Battle Lab Upcoming Events or any other inquiries, please contact us for more information.

Catherine Eaton
Battle Lab Division Director

For government and military CAC enabled users: https://jeod.disa.mil/battle‐lab