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FDRMC Overseas Career Opportunities

Overseas Career Opportunities (BAHRAIN | ITALY | SPAIN)

Serving with Forward Deployed Regional Maintenance Center (FDRMC) in a forward-deployed location supporting U.S. Fifth and Sixth Fleets, you will have an immediate impact on deployed, operational ships and their Sailors. Both homeported ships and deployed ships are expected to be on station and ready to meet fleet commanders' tasking. We must deliver mission-ready ships on time, every time. FDRMC conducts high-tempo ship maintenance operations with urgency because of those high stakes. FDRMC has more than 250 full-time, U.S. Department of Defense civilian positions across its three locations in Spain, Italy and Bahrain.

FDRMC Overseas Opportunities Information Sheet 

To view FDRMC's Overseas Opportunity Info Sheet covering great information on benefits, compensation, incentives and more, click here.

Open Positions and Alerts for Job Announcements

FDRMC is staffed with more than 250 full-time civilian positions across all three locations with most jobs at the GS-12 level and above. Due to overseas tour length limits, 70-120 jobs announcements are typically released each year on a rolling basis on USAJOBS. If you don’t immediately see a job opportunity in your career field when doing an initial search, keep checking USAJOBS. Most importantly, set up email alerts to know when new positions are available.

To view available jobs across all three locations, visit USAJOBS.

To receive alerts when new jobs are available:

  • Click the USAJOBS link directly above
  • Click the "Save this search" prompt at the top of the list;
  • Sign into or create a USAJOBS account;
  • Revisit link above & click "Save this search" link again;
  • Type in a name for the search, i.e. "FDRMC opportunities";
  • Select "daily" notification frequency to receive an email the day an announcement opens
  • Click "Save" & a notification will appear at the top of the screen once your search has been saved

Employment opportunities include:

Production Control
Naval Architect
Engineering Technician
Electronics Technician
Project Manager
Shipbuilding Specialist
Quality Assurance Specialist
Corporate Operations
Financial Management
Logistics Specialist
Safety Specialist
Information Technology

Living Overseas

The Navy maintains comprehensive documents that answer most questions about overseas living and working called Statement of Living and Working Conditions. 

Each document details specifics to each location such as country information, cost of living, housing, medical/dental services, education, mail, banking, child care, security considerations, passport/visa requirements, PCS information, vehicles, pets, pay and allowances, and more. These documents are a fantastic resource to learn more about a specific location. Review the official Statement of Living and Working Conditions for each of FDRMC's sites below.

Manama, Bahrain - https://www.secnav.navy.mil/donhr/Overseas/Documents/Bahrain.pdf
Naples, Italy - https://www.secnav.navy.mil/donhr/Overseas/Documents/Naples.pdf
Rota, Spain - https://www.secnav.navy.mil/donhr/Overseas/Documents/Rota.pdf