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Large Surface Combatant Modernization & Sustainment (PMS 421)

Mission Statement

Ensure Large Surface Combatants (LSCs) are modernized to keep pace with the high-end threat and sustained to maximize operational availability and reach expected service life; and to ensure Aegis Ashore provides prescribed capability.

Program Summary

The Large Surface Combatant Modernization and Sustainment Program Office, PMS 421, leads and integrates surface ship modernization policy, planning, and execution. It is responsible for the integration of Large Surface Combatant modernization and manages modernization planning and execution across Participating Acquisition Resource Managers (PARMs).  As the Ship Program Manager (SPM), PMS 421 oversees all facets of LSC modernization, advanced planning of surface ship availabilities, integration of new technologies and planning yard functions.  PMS 421 manages a comprehensive portfolio of programs providing LSC’s with the highest level of operational readiness, and sustaining ships at peak capability through their service life. This effort includes the identification & prioritization of critical issues impacting LSC’s and informs current and future year resourcing decisions.

Major efforts include:

  • DDG 51 Class Modernization & Sustainment
  • DDG 1000 Class Modernization & Sustainment
  • CG /LSD Phased Modernization, CG 47 Class Sustainment
  • Aegis Ashore Sustainment of Mission Critical Support Systems and support of NAVFAC

Updated July 2024