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Condition and Environment Sensing and Reporting System (CAESAR)

Condition and Environment Sensing and Reporting System, CAESAR, is a system of fiber optic sensors currently being developed for use with the Vertical Launching System, the VLS. CAESAR senses temperature and vibration in order to predict and improve missile reliability.

CAESAR data will be processed concurrently on the ship and at shore facilities and could be the basis for a recommendation to deactivate or prioritize the use of a launcher cell for firing. It will also document missile history to develop handling improvements to prevent missile damage and to promote faster turnaround testing at the weapon stations. All of which translates to a better quality missile and fewer test failures.

This technology has tremendous growth potential for the next generation of combat systems support. While being developed for Standard Missile and VLS, the goal is to install sensors in all shipboard combat systems in concert with the Integrated Condition Assessment System, the ICAS, used on hull, mechanical, and electrical systems. This proactive support would permit shore-based real time monitoring of combat and engineering systems, and subsequently, reduce shipboard workload.