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We are a team of problem solvers that leverages design and systems thinking methodologies to deliver front end innovation for national security challenges.

Our Team

Our team is passionate about living where worlds collide. Ensuring the voices of viability, desirability, and feasibility are represented gives us the perspective to build the right thing and build the thing right. Together.


Our Mindset

We believe empathy is a superpower, and we strive to connect authentically and with humility.
We radically collaborate with our sponsors, the end users, and the experts throughout the journey.
We're relentlessly curious, diverging to explore so we can uncover unexpected insights and create novel ideas.
We converge to build prototypes so we can learn what the right solution might be.

Our Projects

Our multi-organizational team has been solving gnarly challenges since 2011, and now we're a Navy Program resourced through OPNAV N94 and executed through PEO IWS 5.

Physical and digital systems and solutions

The interaction between customers and organizations

The way organizations think, behave, and team

Informed future-casting of future challenges and opportunities
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LCDR Josh McCright
TANG Military Deputy

Josh Smith

Emily Mintman
Assistant Director

LeCates (Katie) Blyth
Art Director

Phil Freidhoff
Operations Strategist

Kate Moore
TANG Logistics
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