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    Congratulations on your assignment to Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) Portsmouth, VA!  NNSY's primary mission is to:

    • provide logistic support for assigned ships and service craft;
    • perform authorized work in connection with construction, conversion, overhaul, repair, alteration, dry docking, and outfitting of ships and craft, as assigned;
    • perform manufacturing, research, development and test work as assigned; and
    • provide services and material to other activities and units, as directed by competent authority.  

    Our staff includes approximately 12,000 military and civilian personnel.  Although a sailor's will have their share of challenges, we are certain that you will have an opportunity to balance your time between work, professional development, and personal time.  We hope you will find working at NNSY a very satisfying and enjoyable experience.


    Command Sponsor Coordinator can be reached at: Cell (757) 912-4953  -or-  USFF_NNSY_NFSH_Sponsor_Coordinators@navy.mil

    For further information and directions, contact NNSY's quarterdeck at (757) 396-8615.


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