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Navy XML/SGML Repository

NOTICE: Information and products available on this website have been verified through Sept. 30, 2021. Future revisions are on hold indefinitely.

The Navy XML/SGML Repository promotes the sharing of DoN DTDs, Schemas, and Styles (FOSIs, style sheets, XSL, etc.) with the aim of reducing DoN investment by avoiding redundant development. The DTDs in this Repository are official Navy DTDs and should be used when appropriate. The DTDs are also provided in an HTML format to enable navigation through a DTD using hyperlinking.

The Technical Information Systems Branch, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division, manages the XML/SGML Repository and also consults with Navy activities with regard to using, creating, or registering DTDs, Schemas, and Styles in the Repository.

Navy XML/SGML Repository - Disclaimer

The United States Navy XML/SGML Repository was established as a mechanism to promote sharing of Navy DTDs, Schemas, and FOSIs and minimize Navy investment in DTD, Schema, and FOSI development. The DTDs/Schemas/FOSIs contained in the Repository's data base fall into two categories: those official DTDs/Schemas/FOSIs developed and used by the Navy, and those DTDs/Schemas/FOSIs developed by Navy contractors and used for Navy work. Any interested parties may use, distribute, or modify these DTDs/Schemas/FOSIs as they see fit subject to the following restrictions.

  1. Neither the United States Navy nor the Navy contractors are responsible for any losses arising from the use of these DTDs/Schemas/FOSIs or any modifications made to them.
  2. Both the Navy and the Navy contractors welcome comments, questions, and suggestions for changes from the users of these DTDs/Schemas/FOSIs whether modified or not. These comments, questions, and suggestions for changes should be addressed to the appropriate Point of Contact(s) for the particular DTD/Schema/FOSI. However, neither the Navy nor the Navy contractors assume any responsibility for responding to these comments, questions, and suggestions for changes from the users of these DTDs/Schemas/FOSIs.
  3. In the event that a DTD/Schema/FOSI is modified, it is required this be clearly indicated in the DTD/Schema/FOSI's PUBLIC identifier and that all changes be clearly identified as such.