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Inactive Ships
Program Summary

The Navy Inactive Ships Office (SEA 21I) is responsible for managing the inactivation, storage, and disposal of conventionally powered U.S. Navy ships and crafts that have reached the end of their service life.

SEA21I is committed to supporting the fleet by developing ship inactivation plans, supporting inactivation availabilities and transitioning the ships from the fleet. SEA21I ensures that the inactive ship inventory is managed in a manner most advantageous to the Government to include ship dismantlement, support for weapons effects testing, foreign military sales transfer, and donations.

The Inactive Ships Office is comprised of personnel located at Naval Sea Systems Command in Washington, DC, providing oversight of the material donation program, service craft disposal, ship dismantling, ship donation as well as the SINKEX program. Additionally, the Inactive Ships Office includes a Management Office located in Portsmouth, VA that provides dedicated support to the fleet through the development of ship specific inactivation plans, spare part requisitioning, and close-out inspection procedures. Once a ship has been inactivated, it is delivered to one of the three Inactive Ships Maintenance Offices located in Bremerton, WA, Philadelphia, PA, or Pearl Harbor, HI.  At these locations, ships undergo periodic maintenance and inspections that allow for their long-term storage as their final disposition status is determined.