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Inactive Ships
Ship Dismantling

The ship dismantling effort within SEA21I aims to reduce the inactive ship inventory by dismantling ships in an environmentally safe and cost effective manner. Historically, the U.S. Navy has always dismantled its ships in the United States in order to achieve demilitarization of the hull. Domestic ship dismantling contractors tow an inactive ship to their facility and accomplish all work associated with the removal and proper disposal of hazardous materials, and the recycling of scrap metals and salvageable equipment.

Before a ship is solicited for dismantling or disposed of by another method, the Navy identifies material and equipment that can cost-effectively be removed for use on other active U.S. Navy ships, resulting in significant cost savings over the new acquisition price of the same material. Once U.S. Navy stripping requirements are identified and removed, opportunities to remove remaining material and equipment are provided to other federal agencies, and foreign military sale customers.

EPA Guide for Ship Scrappers