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  • Vacation Time (Annual Leave)
    • New employees earn 13 vacation days per year, increasing to 20 days after 3 years, and 26 after 15 years.
  • Paid Holidays
  • Sick Leave
  • Paid Overtime And Compensatory Time
  • Flexible Work Schedules
    • NSWC PHD offers its employees flextime which allows flexible work schedules, compressed work schedules and other benefits to allow for the employees’ varying work schedule needs.
  • Reasonable Accommodations Program
  • Family Friendly Leave Policy
  • Military Leave
  • Health and Life Insurance
    • NSWC PHD participates in group life and health insurance programs, which greatly reduces your out-of-pocket expenses. The size of our organization keeps our costs low. You can choose from a number of health insurance plans, HMOs and PPOs to find the insurance that meets your needs.
  • Federal Flexible Spending Account
    • Uses pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible medical, dental, vision, and childcare services
  • Retirement Coverage
    • New NSWC PHD employees are enrolled in the Federal Employees Retirement System program.
  • Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
    • Tax-deferred retirement savings and investment plan which allows employees to contribute up to 10% (pretax) of their income into their retirement fund, and the government matches the first 5%.
  • Travel Opportunities
    • The Navy exists throughout the country and the world. Working here provides a great opportunity to travel while working with top professionals in other locations.
  • Accelerated Promotion Opportunities
    • All new engineers hired onto NSWC PHD at the GS-5 or GS-7 level will be placed on a six-month intensified training program. Upon completion of the training program, the employee will be eligible for a one-time accelerated promotion to the next higher-grade level. The training program will consist of a combination of on-the-job assignments, formal and informal training, and self-development activities sufficient to prepare the trainee to perform the duties of the next higher level.
    • Each new engineer hired onto NSWC PHD will have noncompetitive promotion potential to the GS-12 level. Noncompetitive promotion means that you will not have to compete with other employees in order to be promoted to the next higher-grade level. Because work performance and conduct are factors to consider, promotions are not guaranteed.

For questions about Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Thrift Savings Plan, or Retirement, contact the Benefits Line:

888-320-2917 between 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday


For more information, please see pages 14-15 of the Employer of Choice Brochure.

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