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NSWC Crane Organization Structure

NSWC Crane's department descriptions below:

Special Warfare and Expeditionary Systems Department

The department provides Efficient, Effective Full Life Cycle Support for Special Operations and expeditionary Forces with Specific Expertise in Rapid Acquisition and Technology Transition.  Serves as the Technical Center for Special Operations Hardware, Weapons Systems, Munitions, Electronic Systems and Electro-Optics. 

Global Deterrence and Defense Department

The department provides Full Spectrum Systems Engineering and Sustainment of Strategic Programs Supporting DoD in Global Defense.  Serves as the Technical Center of Excellence for Strategic Systems Hardware Engineering, AE, and Sustainment, Radar Component Sustainment, Energy and Power Source AE, ISE, T&E and Sustainment, Acoustic Sensors AE, ISE and Sustainment, Microelectronic Technologies RDT&E, AE, and Sustainment, Defense Security Systems AE, ISE and Sustainment and Obsolescence Management.

Spectrum Warfare Systems Department

The department leads NSWC efforts in a wide variety of applied research, engineering, logistics and maintenance support services for complex Electronic Warfare Systems and Infrared Countermeasures.  These services are provided for the full life cycle of the Weapon System - from Concept Refinement and Technology Development, System Development and Demonstration, Production, Deployment to Operations and Support.  Specific products and technologies supported include Solid State, Radio Frequency, Laser, Electro-Optics and Infrared.  Specific processes include Program Management, Requirements Determination, Design & Development, Test and Evaluation, Modeling and Simulation, Risk Reduction, Product Assessment, Acquisition Engineering, In-Service Engineering, Quality Evaluation, Quality Deficiency Investigations, Integrated Logistics Support, Fleet Support, Installations and Technical Assistance.  A rigorous Continuous Improvement Program is maintained throughout the Department.

Corporate Operations Department

The department provides integrated management systems for planning, resource allocation, operation, and analysis support for NSWC Crane.  Responsible for formulating and determining budget strategy consistent with the goals and objectives of NSWC Crane, providing general oversight and management of the development of NSWC Crane presidential budget submission.  Develops, coordinates, and provides management oversight of NSWC Crane’s annual operating plan.  Develops and applies investment criteria resulting in resource allocations.  The department is also responsible for the management and oversight of the plan during the course of the operating year to ensure that results are consistent with NSWC Crane’s overall financial and business goals.  Determines and formulates overall investment strategy and allocations relating to Capital Purchases and other investment areas consistent with NSWC Crane’s Strategic business goals and objectives.  Responsible for ensuring that presidential budgets and annual operating plans are developed consistent with those strategies and that appropriate allocations are achieved within the overall financial and business goals and objective framework.