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Workforce Development

CNRMC Workforce Development is intended to create opportunities for RMC employees to complete job specific certification with:

  • A sound knowledge base within their function

  • A sense of preparedness for a knowledge driven industry (ship maintenance & modernization

  • Confidence in what they do

  • Job/Self-awareness, Communication skills, Interpersonal Skills, E2E Literacy Skills, Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills

  • A reflective approach to learning and an appreciation of the benefits of future learning

  • A respect and understanding for the roles and responsibilities of maintenance/project team members
  • Commitment to Quality Practices



Richard Simmons
Workforce Development
Program Manager

CNRMC Code C350
9170 Second St., Suite 241
Norfolk, VA 23511

Phone: (757) 443-2650  ext. 4130
Fax: (757) 445-2993