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LCS Fleet Introduction & Sustainment

Program Summary

The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Fleet Introduction and Sustainment Office (PMS 505) was established in 2011 to serve as the focal point for in-service support of the LCS hulls and associated Mission Packages (MPs).  Core focus areas include Ship Sustainment and Readiness, LCS Class Modernization and Engineering Support, Acquisition and In-service Logistics and Training.  

In October 2021, PMS 505 transitioned from PEO Unmanned and Small Combatants (USC), to Naval Sea Systems Command Surface Ship Maintenance, Modernization, and Sustainment (SEA 21) Directorate. The transition resulted in the alignment of all surface non-nuclear ships maintenance, modernization and sustainment efforts within one central command.  Today, PMS 505 integrates ship logistics, training, modernization and maintenance strategies to deliver and sustain LCS combat capability to the fleet.

Updated Nov 2021