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Vulnerability and Survivability Systems

Advanced Modeling and Simulation and Analytical Techniques

  • Predicting the damaging effects of UNDEX on surface ship and submarine systems, equipment and personnel
  • Understanding weapons effects phenomenology and damage mechanisms in developing advanced vulnerability and recoverability modeling

Design Guidance for Damage Tolerant Structures and System Recoverability

  • Hardening of hulls and equipment to UNDEX/AIREX threats
  • Weapon’s loading and effectiveness assessments

RDT&E to reduce vulnerability and improving recoverability of surface ship, submarine, aircraft carrier, and Marine Corps vehicle protection

  • Developing advanced protection concepts, technologies, and systems to improve the damage tolerance of naval platforms
  • Analyzing and Assessing vulnerability and recoverability
  • Developing Ship/Submarine protection concepts against dynamic loading

Shock Testing and Trails

  • Shock trials, total ship survivability trials, surrogate ship tests, and full and scaled system/component tests
  • Underwater and Air Explosion (UNDEX/AIREX) testing, trials and analysis
  • Developing alternative testing methods and procedures to simulate underwater explosions 
  • Retain critical and unique vulnerability and survivability facilities and provide access to test ranges and equipment.