MEPP Services



Supports the development and application of scientific and analytical principles to conduct fundamental research, scientific study, and experimentation 

Environmental Planning

Ensures compliance with National Environmental Policy Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act, Endangered Species Act, and other applicable laws and regulations

GIS & Spatial Planning

Provides GIS mapping and geospatial analyses for spatial planning projects including environmental planning, ocean planning, biological research, ocean survey, and Impacts encroachment and compatibility impacts to Navy Readiness

MEPP Expertise

The Mission Environmental Planning Program (MEPP) is Division Newport’s center for expertise in

environmental planning and biological analysis. Current areas of expertise include:

        Marine Mammal Biology Underwater Acoustics  Benthic Species Ecology

        Fish Behavior  GIS Applications  Biofouling

        Fisheries  Bathymetric Surveying

MEPP is continually developing expertise in new areas to support the mission of NUWC Division Newport and other customers.

Mission Environmental Planning Program

To provide quality products, ensure environmental compliance, provide subject matter expertise, and continually expand our technical capabilities and collaborative work to successfully meet our customers' needs.

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