Virtual Industry Day

On Oct. 20, 2021 Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division (NSWCPD) will host our annual Virtual Industry Day, where you can learn more about the requirements needed to do business with the Navy, as well as how your industry can be involved in helping support and shape the future of the Navy. Registration for this event is required and limited to three tickets per company for online participation. Those on the registration list will be sent instructions on how to access this virtual event at a later time. Please see the following links, including announcement on at and event registration at

Industry Day Slides (Oct. 2021)

LBES Industry Day - 18 Aug 2021

NSWCPD Industry Day Briefs (Oct. 2020)
 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Dept. 10 Industry Brief - Oct. 2020Keegan Rammel 10/27/20215.33 MBDownload
Dept. 20 Industry Brief - Oct. 2020Keegan Rammel 10/27/20211.90 MBDownload
Dept. 30 Industry Brief - Oct. 2020Keegan Rammel 9/15/2021629.02 KBDownload
Dept. 40 Industry Brief - Oct. 2020Keegan Rammel 9/15/20213.35 MBDownload
Dept. 50 Industry Brief - Oct. 2020Keegan Rammel 9/15/20213.42 MBDownload
Intro to Procurement Technical Assistance Center Industry Day Brief - Oct. 2020Keegan Rammel 9/15/20211.56 MBDownload
NSWCPD Command Overview Industry Day - Oct. 2020Keegan Rammel 9/15/20214.34 MBDownload
NSWCPD Industry Day Q&A Oct 2020 Keegan Rammel 10/27/2021463.89 KBDownload
Small Business Industry Day Brief - Oct. 2020Keegan Rammel 9/15/20217.16 MBDownload
U.S. Small Business Administration Industry Day Brief - Oct. 2020Keegan Rammel 10/27/20211.10 MBDownload
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