Official visit information must be reviewed prior to making a reservation and please read the PRIVACY STATEMENT.

To make flight and lodging reservations, AUTEC is required to obtain Personally Identifiable Information (PII). How we collect PII will depend on how you communicate with us. We may collect PII directly from you by telephone, fax, e-mail, or your POC. We request that you call the travel coordinators office at 561.671.2741 to receive the most updated version of the Official Visitor Reservation Spreadsheet (or before you populate a reservation spreadsheet that you may already have) and be made aware of our new regulations for sending in and protecting the PII contained in the spreadsheet. Failure to send your reservation spreadsheet in an encrypted format may delay or prevent access to AUTEC.

Lodging information:

Effective Oct. 1, 2018, the rate for AUTEC's transient lodging will increase to $40 per person, per night, and The Distinguished Visitors Quarters (DVQ) will increase to $45 per person, per night.

The increase is not reflected in the maximum lodging authorized in the Defense Travel System (DTS), therefore travelers must enter the new nightly rate for travel after Oct. 1, 2018, on the "Per Diem Entitlement Detail" screen and select "Actual Lodging" in the "Other Per Diem Entitlements" section. This will trigger the actual lodging expense to flag on the pre-audit screen and the following statement should be entered in the justification field: "No lower cost lodging is available. Dining and lodging are available to travelers through the AUTEC contract. Rates charged to travelers are based on the actual costs of provided services."

Actual expense for lodging costs should be approved on the travel orders; after the fact approval on the voucher should be rare and due to unusual circumstances.

For questions on travel order questions, contact your command's Travel Office.

For questions on booking AUTEC lodging, email or call 561-671-2741/2738.

Please read the following AUTEC Flight Payment information:

Travelers to and from (AUTEC) are required to have a valid passport or current active duty military ID with orders.

The following information will be necessary when making reservations:
  • Full Names (including full middle name) for all passengers (no initials or nicknames)
  • Rank/Grade (Mil Rank, Civil Service or Title)
  • Active Duty Military Status or Civilian
  • Organization
  • Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY)
  • Citizenship (BHS, BEL, CAN, FRA, GRC, ITA, NOR, GBR, USA)
  • Access Code C-(CCB) R-(RSS)
  • AUTEC point of contact (Program Manager (PM), Sponsor)
  • Test Number and/or Control Number (issued by the PM or Sponsor)
  • Dates of Arrival and Departure
  • Flight Time To and From ASD using AUTEC Aircraft
  • Rendezvous (RNDV) to/from test vessel (Please include foreclose number provided by the PM)
  • BOQ (specify female/male, VIP (CAPT/GM-15 or above) and any special need requests (1st floor, etc.) w/Dates Room Required - All rooms are non-smoking
  • Passport #
  • Passport Expiration Date (MM/DD/YY)
  • Passport Issuing Country
  • Active Military ID # (If applicable)
  • Active Military ID # Expiration Date (MM/DD/YY)

If traveling round-trip from West Palm Beach, Fla., to Andros Island, Bahamas, under a Control Number, the cost is $257.41 round trip and $120.34 per travel segment from West Palm Beach to Andros Island, and $137007 from Andros Island to West Palm Beach.

Payment for travel can be made at either Air Operations check-in desks (West Palm Beach or Andros Island), depending upon your location at check-in time. Payment can be made all at once or per travel segment. Check-in is approximately 60 minutes prior to flight time. Payment methods include Master Card, Visa, American Express, or personal check. The following statement can be included on your travel orders (normally block 16) for reimbursement. Travel Statement: "Reimbursement of contractor furnished transportation from West Palm Beach, Florida to Andros Island, Bahamas and return at a cost of $257.29 is authorized."