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The DOD ID Card Fact Sheet is provided to assist DoD ID cardholders . These procedures are automatically extended for Uniformed Services ID (USID) cardholders with expiration dates  between January 1, 2020 and July 31, 2021 (this does not apply to Common Access Cards).  Where feasible, cardholders are encouraged to attempt to schedule an appointment at their nearest ID card Site for ID card re-issuance prior to pursuing remote issuance procedures. Additional guidance is provided to assist DoD beneficiaries who require initial DEERS enrollment and USID card issuance, DEERS eligibility  updates, and reissuance of expired or soon to expire USID cards at DEERS Enrollment/ID Card Issuance Guide During COVID-19

USID Cards Extension of Policy Guidance is Permitted Through:


Population Type

  August 31, 2021

  • Foreign Affiliates and their dependents

  October 31, 2021

  • Dependents of Active Duty uniformed Service members

  • Reserve and National Guard uniformed Service members and their dependents

  January 31, 2022

  • Retirees and their dependents

  • All other populations

Note: No action is required at this time if your USID card has a printed expiration date in this window.


The Department of Defense is transitioning to one common authentication (logon) certificate on CACs called the “PIV Authentication” certificate. The PIV certificate is mandated as the new standard for all NMCI NIPR users. Users will no longer have to choose between ‘email’ and ‘identity’ certificates when logging into their workstations or any other NMCI NIPR services. CACs issued after August 1st, 2020 will only have the “PIV certificate” available for authentication to all NMCI NIPR systems and services. CACs MUST transition their account to use the new PIV certificate PRIOR to issuance of new CACs. For more information see this NMCI User Awareness Bulletin.


CAC/Military ID Holders/Contractors
Customers must enter the Visitor Control Center (VCC) of Bldg. 197 (Riverside Entrance) for check-in. Current CAC holders will be enrolled for single day access. After VCC check-in, depart the building and proceed to the Employee Entrance on the east side of the building. Enter the turnstiles and turn right to the CAC office.

Non-CAC Holders
Visitors must arrive 1 hour prior to the scheduled appointment time to allow for check-in at both the 11th & O Street and NAVSEA Offices. Upon check-in to the NAVSEA Visitor Control Center (VCC) customers must call the CAC office at 202-781-2300, ext 4 to announce their arrival. Customers are encouraged to wait in the sitting area outside the VCC until a representative from the CAC office arrives. Upon entering the CAC Office, please sign-in at the Customer Service Kiosk.  When signing in ensure you click the box stating you have an appointment. This notifies the representatives that you have arrived.


1333 Isaac Hull Avenue, S.E.
Building 197
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20376

2300, ext 4
Email -

All visitors must enter through Bldg. 197 Visitors Entrance (riverside) for access and badging. Please arrive early to ensure you are not late to your scheduled appointment.

Those without CACs or access to the Washington Navy Yard must request base access at the O Street gate, located at the intersection of 11th and O Streets, and then proceed to BIdg. 197. 

Parking Information:
Visitors must obtain parking from the 11th and O Street Visitor Control Center (VCC).

Closest Metrorail Station: Navy Yard (Exit New Jersey Avenue)


The CAC Office services DoD civilians and contractors, as well as all military members. Military family members/dependents must have a sponsor. The NAVSEA CAC/ID Card/RAPIDS office does not accept Walk-Ins.

The NAVSEA CAC/ID CARD/RAPIDS site is by appointment only. CAC/ID Office hours in building 197 are weekdays 0715-1600. Closed all federal holidays. Customers must present two valid forms of identification (unexpired) when requesting an appointment. Any of the following are acceptable forms of ID: One must be a local, state, or federal government-issued ID card that bears a photo (e.g., current/expired building pass, passport, driver´s license) and an ID that bear the applicant´s Social Security number (i.e., Social Security card or voter registration card). You must present your expiring CAC to renew your CAC.

Due to the high demand for this service, we encourage customers to be proactive when monitoring the expiration date of their CAC/ID Cards, and that of their dependents. To aid in minimizing wait times, appointments can be made up to a year out so long as the date is within 60 days of the expiration date of the CAC and 90 days for ID Cards. Please visit to set up an appointment.

Sponsors must accompany their Family members to their scheduled appointments. Should sponsors not be available, this facility will accept one of the following: General Power of Attorney; Special Power or Attorney (stipulating authorization to act on behalf on the sponsor in regards to benefits/entitlements/ID Cards); DD Form 1172-2 that is generated by a DEERS/ID Cards Facility; or a DD Form 1172-2 generated by the DMDC ID Card Office online for sponsors who have a CAC and can digitally sign the document. DA Form 1172-2s are good for 30 days after the date of signature.

All individuals requesting a replacement for a lost or stolen CAC are required to present documentation from their local security office or Supervisor with organization letterhead, confirming that the CAC has been reported lost or stolen and all methods of locating the card have been exhausted. The individual will still be required to provide two valid forms of ID to acquire a new CAC. A valid list of IDs can be obtained from the DOD ID Reference Center link below.  























Sample CAC ID's