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The following is a approved list of Cofferdam drawings. They can be downloaded from the UWSH Page on SUPSALV's Secure site.  
  1. NAVSEA Drawing 805-7370421 Rev L, NNSY Hull Type Cofferdam Standard Drawing
  2. NAVSEA Drawing 114-6576450 Revision (C), DDG51 Class Blanking Cofferdams for Bubble Shield Protected Hull Openings. (Note: Bubble shield protected hull openings on other ship classes can use similar patches of an appropriate size for the specific hull opening and the same patch securing devices.) 
  3. NAVSEA Drawing 6698919 Revision (C), Wireless Alarm, Flood Monitoring System
  4. NAVSEA Drawing 6698900 Rev (-), DDG 51 Stern Tube Cofferdam Assembly
  5. NAVSEA Drawing 6698901 Rev (-), DDG 51 Aft Stern Tube Cofferdam Assembly
  6. NAVSEA Drawing 6698902 Rev (-), DDG 51 Stern Tube Cofferdam Assembly Clamp Ring
  7. NAVSEA Drawing 8242396 Rev A, CV 63 Blanking Cofferdam for Sealing Rudder Stock (P/S/Side)
  8. NAVSEA Drawing 7368413 Rev J, SSN 688 Class Submarine MBT Cofferdam and J-Bolt Assembly Drawing
  9. NAVSEA Drawing 6698869 Rev B, Cofferdam Pad Eye Test Fixture
  10. NAVSEA Drawing 6699055 Rev C, SSN 688 Class Temporary Stern Tube Seals, Assembly and Details
  11. NAVSEA Drawing 8173727 Rev (-), NNSY Standard Stern Tube Cofferdam Drawing
  12. NAVSEA Drawing 6698554 Rev A, CG 47/DD 963/DDG 993 Port Stern Tube Sealing Cofferdam Fab & Installation
  13. NAVSEA Drawing 6699481 Rev F, CG 47/DD 963/DDG 993 Stbd Stern Tube Sealing Cofferdam Fab & Installation 
  14. NAVSEA Drawing 6698917 Rev (-), Cofferdam Dewatering Kit Installation and Operating Procedures

NAVSEA UWSH Technical Manual Chapter 16 - Cofferdams . Rev 0 Change H 15 NOV 2011

Cofferdam Alarm System OM-UW0850-05-1A  Rev 1 dated 22 April 2008

Source for Bintsuke - used in sealing cofferdams