"Motorcycles/Mopeds" refers to all motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters with state license plates. ALL Parking Regulations apply to these vehicles.


Parking Areas

Motorcycles/mopeds with a valid permit may ONLY park in designated motorcycle/moped spaces (locations marked with an "M/C" or "Motorcycle").  They are NOT allowed to park in General Parking Vehicle Spaces.  If you have been assigned a Reserve Parking Space, then your motorcycle can occupy the parking space. Motorcycle/moped spaces are available ????  Do NOT park anywhere else on NNSY, including at bike racks, or you will be ticketed.



Motorcycle and moped parking is enforced through License Plate Recognition (LPR) and as such, the license plate of the motorcycle/moped must be visible from the drive lane. The motorcycle / moped may be registered as an additional vehicle.  If the motorcycle/moped is added as an additional vehicle only one vehicle from the permit can be on campus at any given time. Motorcycle and moped permits are also available as separate permits.  Failure to adhere to this regulation will result in a shared permit violation. Motorcycles and mopeds are required to park in designated motorcycle / moped spaces (locations marked with an "M/C" or "Motorcycle"). They are not permitted to park in normal vehicle parking spaces. Mopeds are not permitted to park at bicycle racks or in other locations not in parking lots and parking garages.


Visitors on Motorcycles/Mopeds

Visitors and guests of NNSY arriving to the Installation and/or Shipyard on a motorcycle/moped are encouraged to park in Motorcycle Parking Areas.