Expeditionary Exploitation Unit One

Commissioned in 2018, Expeditionary Exploitation Unit One (EXU-1) is an operationally deployable Type II, Echelon V command aligned under Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Division. The unit hosts a variety of platoons designed to collect, process, exploit and analyze conventional and improvised threats in support of Fleet and Joint commanders, the Intelligence Community, interagency, allied and partner nations to prevent technical surprise, develop countermeasures and enable attribution. 

  • EXU-1 is comprised of about 140 military, government civilian and support contractors, blending the operational component of the exploitation mission with the technical expertise.
  • Capability:
    • Level 1: Tactical Exploitation (Field)
    • Level 2: Operational Exploitation (In-theater Lab)
    • Level 3: Reach back (CONUS) Advanced Chemistry, Electronics Engineering, Intel Fusion Center

EXU-1 News Releases



EXU-1 Conducts Joint
Disassembly and Exploitation Training

September 2023


EXU-1 Conducts Maritime Post-
Blast Investigation Course

June 2023






EXU-1 Participates in
EODTEU-2 U.S. Navy CrabEx
May 2023


  EXU-1 Officer Receives Prestigious Leadership Award
October 2022