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NAVSEA is comprised of more than 85,000 civilian and military personnel in 34 activities located across the United States and Asia. Together, we build, buy and maintain ships, submarines and combat systems for the U.S. Navy Comptroller (SEA 01) provides financial policy, advice and quality services to ensure NAVSEA’s customers’ budgets are efficiently and effectively executed. SEA 01 manages appropriation areas as well as providing cost engineering, and industrial analysis.

Contracts (SEA 02) and its field contracting offices under the Contracts Competency award nearly $24 billion in contracts annually for new construction ships and submarines, ship repair, major weapon systems and services.
Logistics, Maintenance and Industrial Operations (SEA 04) has the important mission of getting ships to sea and keeping them ready. SEA 04 is the preferred integrator of logistics, maintenance, and industrial operations for its Enterprise customers. SEA04 manages four Naval Shipyards.

  • Navy Drydocking: To request Navy Drydocking Reference Materials and/or the Navy Drydocking Course & Exam, contact NAVSEA's Drydocking Safety Certification Representatives at (843) 794-7339 or (843) 794-7340.‚Äč

The Naval Systems Engineering & Logistics Directorate (SEA 05) is responsible for providing the engineering and scientific expertise, knowledge, and technical authority necessary to design, build, maintain, repair, modernize, certify, and dispose of the Navy's ships, submarines, and associated warfare systems. SEA 05 is organized into 16 groups:

  • Office of the Chief Engineer (SEA05B)
  • Cost Engineering and Industrial Analysis (SEA 05C)
  • Surface Ship Design and Systems Engineering (SEA 05D)
  • Explosive Ordnance Engineering (SEA 05E)
  • Integrated Warfare Systems Engineering (SEA 05H)
  • L&MW Warfare Systems Engineering (SEA 05M)
  • Undersea Warfare Systems Engineering (SEA 05N)
  • Ship Integrity and Performance Engineering (SEA 05P)
  • Readiness & Logistics (SEA 05R)
  • Industrial Engineering, Technical Policy and Standards (SEA 05S)
  • Technology Office (SEA 05T)
  • Submarine/Submersible Design & Systems Engineering (SEA 05U) 
  • Aircraft Carrier Design & Systems Engineering (SEA 05V)
  • Surface Warfare Systems Engineering (SEA 05W)
  • Weapons Systems, Ordnance, and Explosive Safety and Security (SEA 05X)
  • Marine Engineering (SEA 05Z)

Undersea Warfare (SEA 07) provides a full spectrum of research, development, test and evaluation, HM&E systems engineering and fleet support services to the in-service submarine and undersea forces. Submarine/Undersea Warfare Technology (SUBTECH) coordinates the development of technologies to fulfill undersea warfare capability requirements.
Corporate Operations (SEA 10) performs all operations support for NAVSEA directorates and field activities as well as PEOs.  Support includes administrative products and services, career planning, employee development, facilities, foreign military sales coordination, human resources, security, and university research assistance.

Surface Warfare (SEA 21) manages the complete lifecycle support for all non-nuclear surface ships and is the principal interface with the Surface Warfare Enterprise. The directorate is responsible for the maintenance and modernization of non-nuclear surface ships currently operating in the Fleet. Through planned modernization and upgrade programs, SEA 21 will equip today's surface ships with the latest technologies and systems to keep them in the Fleet through their service lives. Additionally, SEA 21 oversees the ship inactivation process, including ship transfers or sales to friendly foreign navies, inactivation and/or disposal.