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Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division (NSWCPD) provides the Navy's primary technical expertise and facilities for both naval machinery research and development and naval machinery lifecycle engineering. NSWCPD is responsible for the machinery systems core equity of the Ship and Ship Systems Product Area for the United States Navy and serves as a central point for academia and industry to join forces with Navy technical experts to develop solutions to needs in naval machinery. Consistent with its core equity responsibility, NSWCPD fulfills key functions including research, design, development, shipboard and land-based test and evaluation, acquisition support, in-service engineering, Fleet engineering, integrated logistics support and concepts and overall life cycle engineering.


Our Founder - Rear Admiral George Wallace Melville

Rear Admiral George Wallace Melville, USN (10 January 1841 - 17 March 1912) was an engineer of the United States Navy. He served with distinction during the Civil War and eventually became chief of  the Bureau of Steam Engineering. Melville is best known for his Arctic explorations and his mechanical and engineering talents.
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