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Acoustic Trials Detachment - Titusville, Florida

This detachment, located in Titusville, Florida, is the Depot Level Maintenance Facility which provides management and logistic support for East Coast full-scale ship and submarine acoustic trials. It is responsible for the operation of the South TOTO Acoustic Measurement Facility (STAFAC) in the Bahamas.

South TOTO Acoustic Measurement Facility (STAFAC)

As the Navy's primary full-scale acoustic measurement facility in the Atlantic, the South TOTO Acoustic Measurement Facility (STAFAC) provides the capability to perform RDT&E evaluations to determine the sources of radiated acoustic noise, to assess vulnerability and to develop quieting measures.

Located at the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) in Andros, Bahamas, the STAFAC facility provides an ideal ship acoustic measurement site characterized by low ambient noise and minimal noise interference.

The facility consists of a remote site of sensors to collect acoustic signatures of submerged submarines or surface ships while underway for a variety of speeds and operating conditions as the submarine transits back and forth between the dual bottom-mounted acoustic arrays. The signal processing and in-water hardware were designed to easily accommodate a variety of sponsors and requirements.