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Light Amphibious Warship (LAW)

Program Summary

The Light Amphibious Warship (LAW) is designed to augment the Navy’s large, multipurpose amphibious warships, commonly referred to as L-class ships, and the smaller shorter-range landing craft such as Landing Craft, Utility (LCU) and the Landing Craft, Air Cushion (LCAC) by providing increased force maneuver, closure and sustainment capabilities.

LAWs will be beaching shore-to-shore vessels with intra-theater endurance capable of operating independently or in collaboration with other forces in support of Distributed Maritime Operations (DMO), Littoral Operations in a Contested Environment (LOCE), and Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations (EABO).  The LAW program supports the Marine Littoral Regiment (MLR). The MLR will operate in conjunction with the LAW, and will provide capabilities as part of the joint force to enhance LAW’s ability to operate in the Area of Responsibility (AOR).

Currently, five industry partners are under contract to provide Concept Studies (CS) with a follow-on option for Preliminary Design (PD).  The CS/PD efforts include engineering analyses, tradeoff studies, and development of engineering and design documentation. The contract award for the Detail, Design and Construction is planned for FY23. 


September 2021