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Boats and Craft
Program Summary

The Support Ships, Boats and Craft Program Office (PMS 325) within PEO Ships delivers integrated ship, boat and craft products and services to U.S. and international maritime forces around the world.

Auxiliary Ships
The Auxiliary Ships division manages the future T-AO(X) Fleet Replenishment Oiler program, which will recapitalize existing T-AO 187 Kaiser class Fleet Oilers. The T-AO(X) will operate as the primary fuel pipeline from resupply ports to station ships, providing replenishment of bulk petroleum products (DFM & JP-5), dry stores/packaged cargo, fleet freight, mail and personnel to combatants and support forces underway. Additionally, in conjunction with a T-AKE, they will accompany and stay on-station with a Carrier Strike Group (CSG) or Amphibious Readiness Group (ARG) to provide replenishment as required to customer ships.

Special Mission Ships
Special Missions Ships acquire operating platforms for unique United States military and federal government missions – including oceanographic and hydrographic surveys, underwater surveillance, missile data collection and tracking, acoustic research and submarine support. Current and future acquisitions include NOAA NAV, T-ATS, T-AGOS(X) and T-ARC(X).

Navy Standard Boats are procured to support mission requirements established to replace boats in service which are beyond economical repair for afloat and ashore commands. Boats are employed in Force Protection; Harbor Security; Patrol; Port Operations; Special Mission; Search and Rescue; VBSS (Visit Board, Search and Seizure) Operations; MIO (Maritime Interdiction Operations); and Escort and Personnel Transfer. Current and future acquisitions include the Mark VI (MK VI), Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB), Riverine Assault Boats, Riverine Command Boats, Riverine Patrol Boats, Dive Boat Replacement, Oil Spill Response (OSR) Utility Boats, OSR Rapid Response Skimmer, Support Craft, Force Protection Boats, Workboats and the 40 PB.

Service Craft & Seaborne Targets
Service Craft procures new service craft to replace existing assets which are well beyond their service lives and no longer meet mission requirements. The Navy owns and operates 365 Service Craft at over 50 different commands and activities throughout the world. Current and future acquisitions include YON fuel oil barges, YWO ship waste off-loading barges, APL(S) barracks craft and YT harbor tugboats. Seaborne Targets are a high demand item required to support Test and Evaluation (T&E) for critical weapon systems and Fleet Training exercises. Current and future acquisitions include self-propelled and towed seaborne targets and their related Target Augmentation Systems (TAS), High Speed Maneuverable Surface Targets (HSMSTs), Ship-Deployable Surface Targets (SDSTs) and Fast Attack Craft Targets (FACTs).

Foreign Military Sales
Foreign Military Sales (FMS) currently aids more than 45 allied partners across all Combatant Commands in boat and combatant craft procurements. PMS 325 cases primarily include sales of boats, craft, equipment, facility upgrades, mobile repair and follow-on technical support services.

Updated Jan 2018