My car broke down on NNSY?

A valid NNSY Parking Placard is always required when parking on campus. Immediately notify Security of your issue and they will work with you to resolve the problem.  This will require you to escort AAA or Road Service Agency to enter the Installation.  Also, notify Regional Dispatch Center (RDC) if the vehicle is obstructing traffic flow.


I am expecting visitors who will need to park at NNSY?

Make sure your guests know ALL on-campus parking requirements. Direct them to Visitor Parking for more information.

Can I get a ticket if...


I put my flashers on?

Yes. If you are parked illegally (with or without your flashers on) you will receive a ticket.


I put a note on my car saying I will only be in the building for 2 minutes?

Yes. If you are parked illegally (with or without a note) you will receive a ticket. Notes are not valid permits.


I display my Loading Zone permit at a parking meter?

Yes. Unless you pay that parking meter, you will receive a ticket. Loading Zone permits are not valid in meter spaces.


My non-virtual (paper) permit is not in full view?

Yes. If you are using a non-virtual permit (paper), the enforcement officers must be able to see the expiration date, permit number, and design on the permit.


There are no signs indicating the parking lot/area belongs to NNSY?

Yes, we can still legally issue a ticket in these parking areas. Signs may at any time be moved or missing from some lots, however these lots remain NNSY property (with or without a sign) and are subject to enforcement of the NNSY Parking Policy. Lot designations are annotated on the NNSY Parking Map and in the Parking Policy directive.


Do I need an NNSY Parking Placard if I have disability?

Yes. The disability spaces on NNSY are for the use of employees. To ensure that they are not being abused, a valid NNSY parking placard is required in conjunction with the disability placard/license plate.

See Disability Parking for more information.


Is parking enforced over Curtailment, Holidays and 2nd & 3rd Shifts?

Yes. If NNSY is open, TPS is enforcing. This can include curtailment break, holidays and 2nd and 3rd Shifts. Resident parking is enforced 24/7..


I feel my parking ticket was issued in error?

NNSY provides a structured means to appeal citations.  Appeals must be filed online within 7 days of issue date. For more information, please go to Parking Enforcement.

The following reasons will NOT be looked upon favorably as an appeal:

  • I didn't know I was not supposed to park there
  • I was only there for two minutes
  • That reserved spot is always open
  • I have parked in that spot for the last two years
  • I was late for work
  • Someone told me I could park there
  • I don't think it's fair
  • There was no fire so I parked in the fire lane
  • I had to go to the bathroom really badly
  • There was no sign saying I couldn't park there
  • My Co-Worker was driving my car