The Transducer and Hydrophone Acoustic Measurement System (THAMES) is the primary evaluation tool used at the Dodge Pond Acoustic Test Facility for measurement of all types of transducers, arrays, baffles, and other underwater acoustic devices. THAMES is a six-channel system, the heart of which consists of Hewlett-Packard (HP) VXI data acquisition modules, arbitrary waveform generators, and input signal conditioners. The system PC runs under Windows NT and Acoustic Measurementuses the graphical programming language LABVIEW.

To initiate the measurement process, the system operator selects the proper instrumentation configurations and interfaces, input and output limits, pulse timing and control, impedance matching, frequency sweep rates, and output data formats. Once initial setup parameters are entered, the system will collect, display, and archive acoustic performance data in frequency and/or relative bearing regimes for all units under test with minimal operator intervention. THAMES, in tandem with auxiliary measurement equipment, can also accomplish broadband noise and tonal analysis using a spectrum analyzer with menu-selected operation, engineering unit conversion, and enhanced frequency resolution.

Measurement results can be plotted in the form of tables and/or graphs. Results can be presented in hard copy format or saved as ASCII table files and stored on disk or CD ROM. All data can be sent to the customer via email. Customers not present at the facility during testing may view any physical aspect of the test setup via high-resolution digital images sent to them via email.