Range Operations

Shore Side Facility:

  • Heavy lift capability via Jib Crane (5 ton) and Forklift
  • High Bays with overhead cranes (10 ton)
  • EDSU Dive Locker
  • Three sheltered piers
  • Boat Ramp
  • Waterside Security Lab
  • Office Space
  • Support Equipment (generators, air compressor, etc.)
  • EdgeTech 4200-SP side scan sonar system
  • MS-1000 Sector Scanner
  • Rapid Engineering Experimentation Facility (REEF)
  • Provides work space, infrastructure and convenient access to in-water support for rapid prototyping and science and technology test and evaluation.

Torpedo Recovery Support:

A multi-disciplinary group of engineers and technicians from across the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Newport who support a variety of fleet support missions such as:

  • Launch vehicle recoveries in support of submarine shipyard maintenance and testing
  • Technical assistance and training to fleet units and foreign military
  • AUTEC weapons shop post-range support during submarine command courses and during other testing throughout the year as requested
  • Mark 54 Lightweight Torpedo and Mark 48 heavyweight torpedo recovery services in support of developmental and tactical testing
  • Fleet Mark 54 and Mark 48 recovery equipment repairs and maintenance support