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Bahrain has a plethora of options when it comes to shopping, including several very large shopping malls that contain spacious grocery and multi-purpose stores.


Unlike military bases in the United States, the base NEX Commissary and stores are available to U.S. Civil Servants who are on orders living and working in Bahrain. The Navy Exchange carries a wide variety of brand name electronics, handbags, jewelry, Navy Pride, shoes, clothing, toys for kids and more. All merchandise is well priced and not subject to sales taxes. Many of the stateside products that cannot be found off-base are readily available at the NEX Commissary.

The NEX Commissary at NSA Bahrain is located on the 1st Floor of the Freedom Souq. They carry a moderate selection of the items you might expect from a stateside commissary. This location offers groceries, cleaning supplies, cards, a deli counter, beer and wine, beauty and health care products, travel supplies and souvenirs.

Please visit Bahrain NEX Commissary for more information.


If shopping is of interest to you, Bahrain will not disappoint. The Kingdom of Bahrain offers both high-end shopping at enormous renown modern malls as well as endless varieties of open air shops in markets called souks where you can purchase a wide variety of goods like spices, electronics, and unique souvenirs and keepsakes. World-class pearls, gorgeous oriental rugs, and quality gold are all items Bahrain is known for having in abundance.

If you would like something completely unique, Bahrain offers a plethora of tailors, artists, and handymen that can made anything from a luxury suit to personally designed tables, chairs, or bars at a fraction of the cost. With a little imagination, there is no limit to what you can have made in the Bahrain souks and shops.

Supermarkets in Bahrain offer a range of goods, fresh produce, high-quality meat, cheese, deli and bakery products as well as a variety of chilled, ready-to-eat meals and salad bars. Cold Stores (like convenience stores in the U.S.) can be found in almost every neighborhood. Fish markets offer a wide variety of locally caught fresh fish. The Central Vegetable Market takes place from early December to April and offers high-quality produce at lower prices than standard Bahraini stores.

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