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Jobs in Bahrain

FDRMC Det. Bahrain provides the sustainment, fleet technical assistance and voyage repair to naval ships and craft operating within the FIFTH and SIXTH Fleet. Manned with numerous highly specialized technicians, the staff provides Distance Support and Fleet Technical Assistance to the ships deployed to Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, and parts of the Indian Ocean while a cadre of maintenance professional provide oversight for Continuous Maintenance Availabilities (CMAVs) on ships deployed to Djibouti, Dubai, Jordan and other Middle Eastern Countries.

Live the experience of a lifetime in a fast-paced, challenging civil service ship maintenance position that will strengthen and accelerate your professional development, expertise, and skill set while promoting peace, regional cooperation, and stability in the Middle East Theater.

This section focuses on working in Bahrain — not only for GS employees at FDRMC Naples, but spouses looking for work as well. Follow the links throughout this section’s topics to learn more.

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