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FDRMC Bahrain

The mission of FDRMC Detachment Bahrain is to provide engineering and technical services for maintenance and modernization of naval ships and craft in the FIFTH Fleet Area of Responsibility (AOR). FDRMC Det Bahrain provides intermediate-level and depot-level maintenance for 14 forward deployed naval force ships, including CNO and Continuous Maintenance (CMAV/CM) availability, planning, execution and oversight. The detachment also provides Voyage Repair planning, execution and oversight for ships operating in the Fifth Fleet Area of Responsibility.

FDRMC Det Bahrain provides the sustainment, fleet technical assistance and voyage repair to naval ships and craft operating within the FIFTH and SIXTH Fleet. Manned with numerous highly specialized technicians the staff provides Distance Support and Fleet Technical Assistance to the ships deployed to the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, and parts of the Indian Ocean while a cadre of maintenance professional provide oversight for Continuous Maintenance Availabilities (CMAVs) on ships deployed to Djibouti, Dubai, Jordan and other Middle Eastern Countries.

FDRMC Det Bahrain is a smaller command with limited billets that enable each employee to test their skills and expand their proficiencies. You won’t be just another team member repairing a system in a shop, you will be the independent technical expert sent to Dubai, Oman, Jordon, Djibouti, or one of the numerous other world ports to correct a critical ship casualty. Come test your skills in a unique and challenging environment while experiencing the opportunity of a lifetime!

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