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Day-to-Day Life

Living in Bahrain is a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in this unique and interesting culture. This section will cover some of the more practical aspects of your new home such as the topics of Housing, Shopping, Dining and Traveling. This section also provides information on a variety of services that may be helpful for you to know about—namely Schools, Daycare and Pet Care. Click the links on the left of the page to learn more about what your day-to-day life in Bahrain will look like.

Additionally, you may want to visit the Kingdom of Bahrain eGovernment website for information about living in Bahrain. This government website provides information on a variety of topics including local transportation, traffic, description of cultural events and notable places to visit.

The InterNations Living in Bahrain website is also another informative resource that provides general information and blog posts about Living in Bahrain from those that already live there.

The following video was made for service members but still offers a glimpse of what day to day life is like while living here: Destination NSA Bahrain – YouTube video.

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