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Dining in Bahrain


Many familiar American comfort foods can be enjoyed while on-base in Bahrain. Enjoy places like A&W American Grill, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Simply Smoothies, Hot Stuff Pizza and more. You also have the option of dining at the Officer’s Club, Chief Petty Officer’s Club or Oasis Grille. For the complete list, visit the link provided:
Navy MWR Bahrain – Dining


With such a wide diversity of cultures all in Bahrain, a wide range of dining options have developed as well. Arabic food is very popular, but you’ll also find Chinese, Indian, Italian, Continental and Lebanese food widely available. Indian and Pakistani will be the most affordable restaurants. Other favorites include Filipino, Spanish, Mexican, American, Turkish and Thai. Everything from fine dining to casual cafes are available at a range of price points. Breakfast is usually served from 7am to 11am, lunch from noon to 2pm, and dinner from 9:30pm to midnight, however, restaurants are also open during customary American dining hours.

Another wonderful advantage of living in Bahrain is the availability of food delivery. You can choose from a wide variety of cuisines or restaurants ranging from global franchises to local concepts, fast food, and even groceries delivered by moped, usually within an hour of ordering. Several apps and online delivery services like Carriage, Talabot, and Hunger Station offer a one-stop shop anytime you want to order your favorite food and get it delivered right to your doorstep.

Carriage – Food Delivery
Hunger Station – Food Delivery
Delivery Hero in Bahrain
Baqala – Online Grocery Delivery

Smoking shisha before or after a meal has been a Bahraini tradition for centuries and the scene is alive and well. This tobacco, mixed with fruit flavor and molasses, is smoked in a hookah (water pipe) and can last for two hours or more.

If you are invited by locals to dine with them, here are a few tips to follow as you enjoy a meal with your hosts. If the meal is on the floor, it is appropriate to sit cross-legged or kneel on one knee. It is important that you never let your feet touch the food mat. You should eat only with your right hand and try a bit of everything served, usually meals are family style. Honored guests are often offered the most prized pieces of the meal and there will often be more food than you can eat. It’s polite for you to take more food despite saying you are full and also considered polite to leave some food on your plate when you have finished eating. This shows your appreciation to your host and indicates they have provided a generous and abundant meal for their guests.

As the heart of the kingdom, Manama is also the center of the food scene and representative of the cuisine of the rest of the country. It offers a great jumping off point for exploring the rising foodie scene in Bahrain.

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