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Base Services

The majority of base services including the NEX, Commissary, movie theater, Navy Federal, gym, food court, and Officer and Chief’s clubs are conveniently located in one building near the NAVCENT/5th Fleet headquarters.

The NEX Commissary and Navy Exchange

The NEX Commissary at NSA Bahrain is located on the 1st Floor of the Freedom Souq. They carry a moderate selection of the items you might expect from a local commissary. This location offers groceries, cleaning supplies, cards, a deli counter, beer and wine, beauty and health care products, travel supplies, and souvenirs.

The Navy Exchange is two floors and carries a wide variety of brand name electronics, handbags, jewelry, Navy Pride, shoes, clothing, toys for kids & more. All merchandise is well priced and not subject to sales taxes.

In addition to the main store these other shops and services are available:

  • AV Unit Mini Mart
  • Barber Shop
  • Baskin Robbins
  • Beauty Shop
  • Deli Department
  • Depot
  • Distribution Center
  • GNC
  • HPU Mini Mart (NSA 2)
  • Jewelry Shop
  • Laundry – Dry Cleaning
  • New Car Sales
  • NEXpress
  • Photo – Frame Shop
  • Rug Shop
  • Tailor Shop
  • TQ Mart

For more information about NEX services at NSA Bahrain visit My Navy Exchange – Store Locator, Bahrain.

Food Outlets

  • A & W American Grill
  • Taco Bell
  • Smash Hits Deli
  • Hot Stuff Pizza
  • Game Time Sports Grill
  • Blendz
  • Simply Smoothies
  • Shawarma Express
  • Touch and Go (AV Unit)
  • NSA Fusion
  • Oasis Buffet
  • Oasis Grille
  • Café Panini
  • Gourmet Bean Café
  • Gourmet Bean Express
  • Club 261
  • CPO Club
  • Officers Club
  • MWR Catering
  • Mario’s Courtyard Cookouts

For more information about Food Offerings visit the Navy MWR Bahrain webpage and then click on the Dining tab.

Post Office

The NAVSUP Fleet Post Office is located on the 1st Floor of the Freedom Souq at NSA Bahrain. The NAVSUP Fleet Post Office is a United States Postal Service (USPS) facility that serves military personnel as well as civilians. They provide the same type of services as any USPS facility in a stateside location.

Please visit the Base Directory – NAVSUP Fleet Post Office Bahrain webpage for more information including hours and phone numbers.

Worship Facilities / Services / Chaplain Information

On base there are Catholic services, Protestant services as well as Islamic worship space available.

To learn more, visit the Navy.mil – NSA Bahrain Chaplain webpage.

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