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Exploring Bahrain

Arad Fort
First built in the 15th century, this is one of Bahrain’s ancient forts and historically, is the most significant. Located on the Island of Muharraq, it is nicely illuminated at night and hosts seasonal festivals throughout the year.
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Arad Fort

A’Ali Village
Observe potters turning their wheels and crafting impressive pots. This cottage industry is an inherent part of the island and has been passed down through many generations. The clay here is a unique blend of two types, ideal for creating their signature bread ovens, pots for plants, moneyboxes and water pipes. The village is easily identifiable by the expansive smoke given off by the kilns/ovens that are habitually located inside some of the burial mounds that are an attraction in of themselves in this village. The Delmon Pottery and fine arts center is a great place to bring kids as they can make their own clay masterpiece to take home with them.
For more information, visit:
Lonely Planet – Pottery District

Bahrain Fort
Originally the capital of Dilmun, this is one of the most important ancient civilizations of the region. Its contents include the richest remains inventoried from this period which previously was only known from written Sumerian references. The fort consists of a mound created over hundreds of years by different settlers to the area. The mound is 984 feet by 1,968 feet and forms the base of a 39-foot-high Portuguese Fort. The fort, or qal’a, was used as a military base for Portuguese operations during their occupation of Bahrain in the 1500s. Authentically restored and very well maintained, it is worth visiting for both its impressive stonework and for the wonderful views over the city.
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Bahrain Fort and Museum

The Tree of Life
The Tree of Life has stood alone in a barren seemingly lifeless desert for over 400 years. Not only has this acacia tree survived without a visible source of water, it has exceeded the life expectancy of its species by over 300 years. Unfortunately, while the tree’s mysticism remains intact, respect for it has clearly waned, and it has been scarred with graffiti and it is usually surrounded by litter. Local legend says it was the location of the Garden of Eden or that Enki, the mythical god of water, is allowing it to thrive in the hot and bright desert. No matter why it’s there, it’s worth a visit!
For more information, visit:
Mysterious Tree of Life – Bahrain

The Grand Mosque
An impressive sight, the Al Fatih Islamic Center (Grand Mosque) has the distinction of being crowned with the world’s largest fiberglass dome. Exquisite architecture and Arabic design make it breathtakingly beautiful inside as well. Capable of accommodating up to 7,000 worshippers, the island’s largest mosque also houses the Religious Institute for Islamic Affairs. As a visitor, you should dress modestly and are required to remove shoes and cover your head upon entering the mosque. It is closed to visitors during prayer times.
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Al Fatih Mosque

Royal Camel Farm
When visiting Bahrain, be sure to take a visit to the Royal Camel Farm. Providing tourists with a unique insight into a treasured element of Bahraini culture, the farm is home to over 600 camels of all ages and sizes. The farm was created by the King of Bahrain, Sheik Mohammad as a means of preserving camels in Bahrain. You can easily park and walk through the gates to see camels for free at your own pace.
For more information, visit:
Exploring Tourism Bahrain – Royal Camel Farm

Jabal Al Dukhan
The romantically monikered “Mountain of Smoke” is the highest point in Bahrain near the most southern point of the island. The low-lying hills of the Jabal are located at the most southern point of the island and are a popular destination for overnight camping trips for those who want to make a day of it. As the landscape doesn’t vary all that much, it may be a good idea to combine this trip with a visit to Al-Areen Wildlife Park, Al Jazeer Beach, or the Tree of Life, as they are all within easy vicinity.
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Jabal Al Dukhan

Al Jazeer Beach
Located near Al-Areen Wildlife Park, this is a popular spot where locals unwind on weekends. This pretty stretch of beach has great facilities, which include well maintained barbecue services and one of the most picturesque shisha cafés on the island. More European than any other beach in the Middle East, it’s not frowned-upon to enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine while you grill.
For more information, visit:
Globeholiday.net – Al Jazeer Beach

Al Jasra
The birthplace of HH the Amir Sheikh lsa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the village of Al Jasra is also home to the long-established Handicraft Center. A pretty garden is at the center of this attractively laid out establishment. The added bonus here is that you can peruse the goods while in the comfort of air-conditioning. Separated into small rooms, each highlighting traditional arts and crafts including cloth and basket weaving, doll making, boat making, and pottery. There is also a souvenir shop on site where you can pick up unusual artifacts.
For more information, visit:
Al Jasra

Sitting in the shade of the trees, splitting lengths of palm into baskets and sofras (circular dining mats), you’ll find weavers hard at work. If your chickens need a coup or your dates need a basket, you’ll be spoiled for leafy plaited choices here. Often dyed with green or purple, these pretty palm offerings form an intrinsic part of local handiwork.
For more information, visit:
Fabbahrain.com – Karbabad

Siyadi House
Once belonging to the well-known 19th century pearl merchant Ahmed bin Jassim Siyadi, this multi-story house is a prime example of local architecture from that period. Work from the most gifted craftsmen of the time is illustrated through gypsum designs, geometric ornaments, ornate ceilings, stained-glass windows, carved screens, and a large safe set into the wall of a small, upper reception room.
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Siyadi House

Beit Sheikh Isa
Formerly used by Sheikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa as his residence and center of government from 1869 to 1932, Beit Sheikh Isa is also located in Muharraq and is an excellent example of 19th century architecture and wall carvings. For more information, visit:
Lonely Planet Bahrain – Beit Sheikh Isa

Al-Dar and Bird Islands
Some of the most popular destinations for boaters, Al-Dar and Bird Islands lie about eight nautical miles off the east coast of the mainland. Although Al-Dar (or Fawklands Island as it is sometimes known) has bathroom and restaurant facilities for day-trippers, both are largely untouched and not inhabited, so visiting boaters tend to create their own entertainment by grilling or having picnics and social gatherings.
For more information, visit:
Inspirock.com Bahrain Manama – Al Dar Islands

Hawar Islands
For experienced sailors wanting to venture out to sea, Hawar Island, south east of the mainland, is an eye-catching retreat with its own hotel resort and watersports equipment for hire. For those less nautically inclined, 45-minute boat trips to Hawar Island depart daily from the Ad-Dur Jetty. Approaching the islands, the flat appearance of the main island obscures the fact that a line of broken cliffs faces much of the eastern shore and the island’s eastward protruding headlands. These characteristic cliffs are only found on Al Hajiyat, Wakur, and Umm Hazwarah. The remaining islands are low and flat, some little more than sand accumulations barely above the sea.
For more information, visit:
Bahrain This Week – Hawar Islands

For information on additional tourist attractions including museums and shopping, visit:
TimeOutBahrain.com – 20 Places to Visit in Bahrain
Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Tourism

Additionally, the MWR office is glad to provide ideas for a variety of things to do. They may encourage you to visit the Art Rotana Resort, send you kayaking around the area, suggest standup paddle boards or a day at Gravity indoor sky diving, or schedule you to take a half or full day tour of Bahrain. Visit the office or contact them for inspiration!
Website: https://www.navymwrbahrain.com/

Marhaba Books and the 101 Things to Do in Bahrain brochures are available at the Community Recreation Office and at the Library on base.

Government Lodging

Navy Gateway Inns & Suites, Bahrain

Bahrain NSA
PSC 451 Box 560
FPO AE, 09834-2800
Reservations: 1-877-NAVYBED (628-9233)
Website: https://www.dodlodging.com/html/NG-bahrain.htm

Travel Assistance

Navy Community Recreation Leisure Travel Office

A full service travel agency offering exclusive discounts on airline tickets, hotels, tours, rental cars, vacation packages, and cruises for locations all over the world. Stateside and international travel options are available.

Bldg. 261 2nd Deck (Freedom Souq)
Located in the Community Recreation Office
Website: Navy MWR Bahrain Leisure Travel


In addition to the MWR Leisure Travel Office on base, there are many tour companies available to book you with an excursion in Bahrain. Visit the links below to explore some ideas:

Visit Bahrain
This site, run by the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority, offers suggestions for full-day and half-day tours featuring either the city or desert, as well as individual tours to various destinations. Visit Bahrain gives a good overview of what there is to see in Bahrain.
For more information, visit:
Visit Bahrain

Lonely Planet
This page on the Lonely Planet website outlines activities, tours and more in Manama.
For more information, visit:
Lonely Planet – Bahrain, Manama

The top-rated tours in Manama, Bahrain through the ratings on TripAdvisor.
For more information, visit:
TripAdvisor – Activities Manama

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