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Bahrain has a mix of clubs and bars that reflect the diverse nationalities of the region. Bahrain is popular with travelers because alcohol is allowed on the island. Most countries in the Middle East forbid alcohol, so Bahrain attracts tourists with more relaxed drinking rules.

Music is a big part of nightlife in Bahrain. There are regular live music performances on the island featuring trendy bands from around the world. Or, you can find a karaoke bar, dance hall, or lounge that offers a variety of live performances.

One of the must-see locations to enjoy Bahrain’s nightlife is in the Adliya. Just 5 minutes from NSA Bahrain, Adliya completely comes alive at night. The area offers numerous clubs and restaurants, plus a variety of entertainment options. Catty-corner to these amazing restaurants and bars is a street known as “Shawarma Alley.” This road is comprised of tightly packed shops carrying a plethora or Middle Eastern rugs, art, furniture, and souvenirs along with some of the best shawarma and fresh juice stands in the country. These shops stay open late and cater to both locals and visitors.

Navy MWR Bahrain publication booklets are available from the MWR office with current listings of restaurants and bars throughout Bahrain.

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