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Surface Ship Sustainment

Program Summary

The Surface Ship Sustainment Office, PMS 443, leads and manages a comprehensive portfolio of programs that provide surface ships with the highest level of operational readiness and sustain ships at peak capability through their service life. PMS 443’s primary functions relate to readiness, sustainment, and lifecycle management. PMS 443 assesses ships and systems, acts upon fleet readiness issues, and supports the surface fleet with programmatic, logistical, technical, and engineering services and products.

PMS 443 is committed to improving surface ship readiness by adhering to disciplined standards of life cycle management for each surface ship class. Through increasing operational availability and reducing Total Ownership Costs (TOC), PMS 443 will ensure surface ships are ready for tasking.

Major efforts include:

  • Engage with TYCOM and fleet on lifecycle issues
  • Manage SEA 21 interests in Surface Warfare Enterprise and Surface Team One forums
  • Execute sustainment programs and direct warfare center sustainment tasks
  • Manage lifecycle logistics and track and develop ILS for modernization
  • Oversee availability and readiness Common Operating Picture reporting tools
  • Manage class advisories (CLAD) and major departures from specification (DFS)
  • Assess technical portion of ship change documents (SCD) and chair SCD configuration board
  • Lead cross-organizational ship class teams to address readiness and sustainment issues
  • Manage Lifecycle Management Group (LCMG)
  • Coordinate recommended sustainment tasks and POM issue recommendations for lifecycle support
  • Manage small business-acquisition programs
  • Budget and execute funds in support of PMS 443 program efforts

Updated Dec 2021