Our C.O.R.E. (CARE, OWNERSHIP, RESPECT and EXCELLENCE) values are enduring and are included to remind us to accomplish our mission and reach closer to our vision in sustainable ways aligned to our principles.

CARE: I am present and transparent. I choose
an attitude of growing and developing together
by sharing opportunities so the team can better
support our common mission. I exhibit trust in the
responsibilities I give and am given by taking pride in
the quality of our work and the value it adds.

OWNERSHIP: I am responsible for my attitude,
behavior, decisions, and all their positive and
negative consequences. I see every problem as an
opportunity to learn, improve, innovate, and teach.

RESPECT: I approach all interactions with humanity
and humility, valuing the person in front of me. I
actively listen to understand so I can provide
meaningful feedback that helps uplift not tear down.

EXCELLENCE: I will maintain the courage to stand
firm on the core values of CARE, OWNERSHIP, and
RESPECT. I value the shipyard’s success as my own. I
embrace teamwork and innovation in my pursuit of